05/23/2016 - City Council Issues Stop Work Order At 1071 E. Angeleno

04/26/2016 - Can You Join Us Thursday Night? Residential Compatibility Meeting and More...

02/03/2016 - City Council Unanimously Approves Preserve Burbank Appeal

02/01/2016 - We Need Your Help!

10/03/2015 - Part 1 of 2: City Planning Backslides Creating Loopholes For Mansionization

08/21/2015 - Burbank's Famous Rock House Goes Up For Sale

05/20/2015 - City Council Reconsiders Pipeline Status for 1071 Angeleno

05/05/2015 - City Council to Vote on IDCO Renewal TONIGHT

04/29/2015 - Tuesday's City Council Meeting Results, Winners and Losers

04/27/2015 - 9 Projects Seeking Exclusion from IDCO. HELP!

04/06/2015 - Understand the New Burbank IDCO Free Seminar THURSDAY

04/02/2015 - Burbank, we have an IDCO. VICTORY!

03/19/2015 - Free Seminar Saturday at Burbank Historical Society

03/12/2015 - Major Victory For Burbank Homeowners!

03/08/2015 - City Council Considering an IDCO - We Need Your Voice Tuesday Night!

02/09/2015 - Ready, Set, READ, now VOTE!

05/21/2014 - Great News from the May 20th City Council Meeting!

LA Conservancy Report Card: Burbank finally gets an A!

Results of the Visual Preferences Survey

Burbank's 7th Landmarked Home

Burbank Leader
Group recognizes Burbank's historic preservation efforts

Preserve Burbank on My Fox News LA

Burbank Leader
Cartoonist Bert Ring gives his take on the anti-mansionization laws currently being considered by the Burbank City Council.
Leader Cartoon: Big house blues

Burbank Leader
Size limits build momentum for residents against 'mansionization' in Burbank.

Preserve Burbank is an ethnically diverse grass roots movement of over 400 Burbank residents and business owners encouraging, promoting and supporting the City of Burbank's programs which preserve our community's architectural history, restore the design integrity of our community's built heritage and inspire new contextual design for the future.

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